SEND Director: Sue Fulbrook

Vision for SEND:

We believe that every child in every school should aspire to achieve their potential.  We embrace the philosophy of learning for all and strive to prepare the children in our schools for their future in their time.  

Acorn Education Trust aims to prepare all learners who have SEND so that they make progress towards and achieve their goals in school and for the future.  We aspire to not only ensuring academic progress, but also to developing the “whole” child and working towards outcomes across the four broad areas of need and beyond.

We are committed to developing high quality provision for learners with SEND and seek to constantly review requirements of schools and effectively tackle current issues.

Please see Acorn Education Trust’s SEND Information Report for more detail. 


SEND Services within the Trust include:
•    Forest School
•    Link 2
•    Aspire and The House
•    Behaviour Support TA

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Meet the team


On a termly basis, the Acorn Education Trust SENCO team meet together in order to work collectively for the children with SEND in the Trust.  These meetings are often also attended by some SEND lead workers from Wiltshire Council.


SEND Information Reports for schools are hyperlinked to the school name.




Sue Fulbrook

SEND Director and SENCO at The Avenue Primary School

Abi Woffenden

Assistant SENCO at The Avenue Primary School

Vicky Hackeson

Resource Base manager at The Avenue Primary School

Laura Driscoll

SENCO at Dilton Marsh CE Primary School

Maria O’Brien

SENCO at Keevil CE Primary School and West Ashton CE Primary School

Lucy Graham

SENCO at Heytesbury CE Primary School and New Close Primary School

Sarah Stather

SENCO at St John’s CE Primary School and teacher at Link 2

Steph Cleaver

Head and SENCO at Great Wishford CE Primary School

Sophie Bryant

SENCO at Clarendon Academy

Ruth Dunford

SENCO at Kingdown School

Heather Taylor

Senior SEND Administrator (


Forest school

With Mr Widger, our level 3 forest schools practitioner and his team, this provision is pitched at improving our offer for key stage 2 children who benefit from additional access to outdoor education. Set in an area of woodland adjacent to Kingdown School in Warminster, the group runs every Friday during term time. The children play games in the woodland, build dens, cook on an open fire, make crafts and learn how to look after the outdoors amongst other planned activities.  Typical placements last for a half-term and are reviewed in liaison with the child’s school.  No more than 8 children are permitted in each group.  For further information, please contact the SEND Director. 

•    Acorn forest school information leaflet
•    Forest school safeguarding statement


Link 2

“Linked to” the home school, this primary nurture base offers the opportunity for learners who are struggling with the demands of mainstream school to access a different setting on full time or part time basis. Link 2 is designed to accommodate children who may have social, emotional or behavioural needs or additional sensory or communication needs which prevent a smooth day at mainstream school. Set up in an ASD friendly environment, Link 2 helps children to manage their emotions and develop a toolkit to take back to their home school equipping them with strategies to better manage their behaviour. Furthermore, each child is offered a bespoke programme to make best use of their time there and weekly feedback is provided to home and schools. Placements are available for children in Years 2 to 7 although careful consideration is given to the mix of age ranges in any one session. 


•    Schools Guide to Link 2 for further information.
•    Link 2 Curriculum Statement
•    Link 2 Safeguarding Statement





Offering full and part-time placements to secondary-age children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Aspire based at Kingdown School opened in September 2019.  We hope to improve access to learning for students with ASD who struggle to access mainstream lessons and the main site.  Open to students from Kingdown School and Clarendon Academy, Aspire is staffed by a teacher and a TA at all times.  

Weekly feedback to parents and home schools is part of the provision which has been well-received so far.  Students are offered a bespoke curriculum in the setting focussing on basic skills as well as other areas of interest which are personal to the student.  All sessions are also planned to meet the communication and interaction needs of students and aim for improved outcomes in these areas too.


The House

The House also opened in September 2019.  It is based in a property at the front of Clarendon Academy which has been completely refurbished and updated to be purpose-designed.  The House caters for secondary age students with social and emotional difficulties who find it difficult to access the demands of a mainstream school provision.  The House is staffed by a teacher and two TAs.  It is designed to meet the needs of students at risk of permanent exclusion from school.

Weekly feedback to parents and home schools is part of the provision.  Students are offered a bespoke curriculum in the setting focussing on basic skills as well as opportunities to learn and refine appropriate behaviours and social skills.  Outcomes in social, emotional and mental health development are as important as academic qualifications in The House.

•    House/Aspire information for schools
•    House/Aspire safeguarding statement

Behaviour Support TA


Acorn Education Trust has acquired the services of a TA who is skilled and experienced at identifying the cause of and managing behaviour.  Mrs Whitehouse works Monday to Thursday and offers a range of interventions including:

•    A SEND observation including a morning or afternoon of observation of a child, liaising with staff, writing a report and making recommendations.
•    A period of time supporting the school to implement strategies and recommendations with a child.  This usually comprises weekly visits over a period of time.
•    Delivering a block of ELSA intervention with an individual or group of students – usually once a week for six weeks.
•    End of intervention reports and summaries.

Mrs Whitehouse also covers staff absence in Link 2 and forest school.

We are also seeking to develop the use of Thrive in the Trust.  Mrs Whitehouse and one of the SENCOs are undertaking this training and will finish in February 2020 as licensed Thrive Practitioners

Our Services - SEND

Trust SEND information report
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Schools guide to Link 2
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Essential guidance for schools
Link 2 Curriculum Statement
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Link 2 Safeguarding statement
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