Meet the team:

Head of Facilities: Nick Trimby

Assistant Head of Facilities: Chris Trimby

Facilities Technician:  Tony Burt

Facilities Technician:  Ryan Dew

Facilities Technician:  Nick Harvey

Facilities Technician:  Rich Steer


As part of our due diligence, Nick will visit the school and compile a facilities report.

When a school joins Acorn a decision will be made to either remain with current contract or join Acorn.

If the school joins Acorn the following process takes place:

  1. COO and Head of Facilities to meet with Headteacher and Operations Manager

  2. Audit, legal compliance requirements established; if not compliant - immediate Trust action taken; if compliant – maintain current contract

  3. Site visit to discuss vision completed with Headteacher and Business Manager

  4. General maintenance audit undertaken

  5. Training on use of the help desk

  6. Action plan devised