As part of our due diligence, our Head of School Services will visit the school and compile a facilities report.

When a school joins Acorn Education Trust a decision will be made to either remain within current contract or join Acorn Education Trust contracts.

If the school joins Acorn Education Trust the following process takes place:

  • COO and Head of Facilities to meet with Headteacher and Operations Manager
  • Audit, legal compliance requirements established; if not compliant - immediate Trust action taken; if compliant – maintain current contract
  • Site visit to discuss vision completed with Headteacher and Business Manager
  • General maintenance audit undertaken
  • Training on use of the help desk
  • Action plan devised

Meet the Team

  • Head of School Services: James Evans
  • Head of Facilities: Nick Trimby
  • Assistant Head of Facilities: Chris Trimby
  • Facilities Technician:  Tony Burt
  • Facilities Technician:  Ryan Dew
  • Facilities Technician:  Nick Harvey
  • Facilities Technician:  Rich Steer