Acorn Education Trust Athletics Event

27 March 2019

On the 25th March in the beautiful afternoon sunshine, 64 pupils from across the Trust primary schools took part in the inaugural Acorn Education Trust athletics competition. 

All pupils took part in 6 events; a sprint and distance run, standing long jump, speed bounce and a vortex throw.

The event culminated in a whole team relay.

Well done to everyone who took part, there were some great performances.

The results at the end of the competition were as follows:


1st Dilton Marsh (296)

2nd Great Wishford (291)

3rd The Avenue (278)

4th St. John’s (262)

5th New Close (241)

6th Keevil (207)

7th West Ashton (161)

8th Heytesbury (142)


A big thank you to the Kingdown leaders for running the event. It was great to see so many parents and staff from across the primary schools supporting at the event.