Forest School

19 July 2018


During Terms 5 and 6, six children from Acorn Education Trust schools embarked on a Forest Schools programme.  Targeted at improving social skills, awareness of emotions and resilience, the Forest School offers outdoor learning with daily individualised objectives.  Children have the opportunity to learn through exploration and reflection in a natural, peaceful environment.  Our six children have learnt how to build and cook on an open fire, to whittle and use axes safely, to tie knots, to make hammocks, to construct shelters and have loved the chance to play team games in the forest.  They've also been canoeing at Brokerswood which they particularly enjoyed.  Furthermore, they have extended their knowledge about the world around them.


The children learnt to take a rope and use it to make an obstacle course of their own design.  Luke taught them how to tie a clove hitch first and then they began to build.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed it and showed some great team-work and communication skills.  The best part was trying out the obstacles!


Acorn Education Trust plans to continue this type of provision moving forwards and hopes to be able to extend this opportunity to other children who would benefit.


Comments on progress from the forest school staff include:

 "Did well to manage emotions today."

"Didn't get annoyed when spoken to about his poor listening, was able to accept it."

"Persevered well with task, coped well with change."

"Helped wash up, great teamwork, great work lighting fire."

"Split wood safely with another student using the axe."

"Good day, apart from winding up another student.  Great he was able to talk about it though and say sorry."

"Joined in both circle times and spoke about how his day had been."