Why join Acorn?

We are local; we know and understand the area. Everywhere you go in Acorn, you will see:

Active and visible leadership

Care, support and challenge

Opportunities for all

Respect, resilience and recognition

Needs of all are paramount


There is real security in belonging to Acorn. By joining Acorn you are controlling your own destiny and joining a family of schools.

What we ensure:

We ensure:

  • Each school maintains its own unique identity
  • There are good career opportunities for all. There is a strong focus on leadership
  • Very strong drive on school improvement
  • All our schools are improving
  • Very efficient and effective Financial support
  • Our HR is outstanding, the team is with you every step of the way
  • Superb IT team, transforming all our schools
  • Efficient site team, improving facilities and resources
  • Excellent governor support and training
  • Real sense of belonging for the children through strong curriculum & extra curricular programme
  • We can be trusted to “do the do”