About Us


Preparing young people for their world in their time


  • excellent leadership
  • excellent teaching
  • excellent learning

The Acorn Education Trust was formed in August 2014 to create a local solution to a national strategy. Through close collaboration and a shared vision we believe each school will achieve great things. Underpinning this close collaboration is a strong belief in our core purpose - "excellent leadership, excellent teaching and excellent learning".

The Acorn Education Trust is committed to schools retaining their individuality and identity. This will be achieved by ensuring the leadership of each Headteacher is excellent, supported by a strong Academy Council and Board of Directors; through a focus on distributed leadership, CPD, career development and succession planning, and finally, in collaborative leadership across all our schools.

We are committed to every child receiving the very best education - "excellent teaching and excellent learning", so they grow into confident, happy and inspired young people, equipped with the knowledge and skills to face their next challenge - "preparing young people for their world in their time". Providing high quality teaching and learning is at the heart of all our work.

Our schools:

  • The Avenue Primary School and children's Centre
  • Dilton Marsh Primary school
  • Kingdown School
  • Keevil Primary Academy
  • Heytesbury CofE Primary School
  • West Ashton CofE Primary School
  • St Johns CofE Primary School
  • New Close Primary School
  • Great Wishford CofE Primary School

Our values:

To be collaborative we need:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Care and compassion
  • Respect for others
  • Courage and challenge


A Trust:

  • based on strong leadership and the development of high quality leaders in all schools and centralised services
  • that sees the development of teaching and learning as key to improvement and raising standards,
  • that has a target Ofsted rating of Outstanding for all its academies.
  • with shared values and collective responsibility for the whole group and the community it serves
  • made up from a group of schools in close geographical proximity and is not remote from the academies it serves.
  • where each school has an agreed level of autonomy based on the school's performance and the level of support it requires.
  • where schools work together to deliver value for money services by sharing and optimising resources across the group.
  • where individual academies will enjoy better services and facilities, and greater security, than would be possible as a stand-alone academy
  • where individual academies will have more resources to direct towards teaching and learning than would be possible as an individual academy.